Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #72

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Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #72

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Last week we worked quite hard to improve our library pipelines, acceptance tests and issues that we are targeting for Beta4. We welcomed 3 new (but well-known) members in our community effort @CTI777, @almericoand @igdianovwho are working full time in our Beta4milestone. We have closed 9 issues already and we hope to be able to tackle down most of what is still open in the following next two weeks.

@CTI777worked on admin suspend/resume end points and integration tests., progress)

@almericoworking on new the automation of the example repositories towards automated testing with acceptance tests.

Worked also on and

@igdianovWorked on

@balsaroriWorking on variable mapping

@constantin-ciobotarudid some improvements on modeling regarding json based model types required in aps side

@miguelruizdevworked on the refactoring of acceptance tests

@ryandawsonukworked on validation of process variables at process start and making process variables easy to interact with as json for Presented together with@mteodori at a public meetup about our experiences with keycloak

@erdemedeirosworked to make process definitions available from query ( Currently they are only available from Runtime Bundle. Experimented some problems because the spring cloud message was sent to early (work in progress).

@salaboyworking with @igdianovand @almericoon the automation of our example layer and overall improvements to our pipelines. Worked with @miguelruizdevto finish the Acceptance Tests refactoring and merged the changes in our new repositories. I did some work during the weekend to update the Gitbook to start preparing for Beta4

Get in touch if you want to contribute:

We are looking forward to mentor people on the technologies that we are using to submit their first Pull Request

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