Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #80

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Activiti: Last week Dev Logs #80

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Last week we worked hard on getting RC1 out of the door with support for JDK 11 and a new Notification Service providing GraphQL queries and subscriptions. You can see the release notes here. We are quickly moving to a GA release so we are polishing our APIs, Docker Images and HELM charts to provide a good experience for our first GA release.

@daisuke-yoshimotoworked for the issue about history table configuration.

@mteodori#2406Allow using https in acceptance tests

@CTI777Worked on following issues: #2371 Add admin complete task endpoint #2372 Add-admin update task endpoint #2373 Add admin delete task endpoint #2336 Activiti Cloud Notifications GraphQL Service and Microservice Example #2393 Start Process inconsistency of parameter name in request response for process name

@almericoWorked on Java11 issues and pipelines updates.

@igdianovworked on graphQL HELM charts and the RC1 release

@miguelruizdevworked on the addition of sequence number and message idfor events in Audit service

@ryandawsonukdid first version of presentation for devcon before focusing on porting TTC to java11, getting the pipelines passing and running the release of RC1.

@erdemedeirosworked with @CTI777to release new admin REST endpoints. Worked with @salaboyon DevCon presentation for the next week.

@salaboyworked on RC1 and DevCon presentation, did a PoC on a custom Activiti Cloud Kubernetes Operator

Get in touch if you want to contribute:

We are looking forward to mentor people on the technologies that we are using to submit their first Pull Request

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