Activiti SDK v1.0.5 released

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Activiti SDK v1.0.5 released

We have just released Activiti SDK v1.0.5 with some new improvements:

- Skip the build and the package process of the Activiti Admin app with a new Maven profile named skip.admin.

- Added the Spring Context dependency in the classpath for the activiti-extensions-jar module. This means that now you can declare your Spring Beans using annotations without the need to implement a configuration class for this purpose.

- README is updated now for sharing the default Java packages available for extensions, in this way you can add new Spring Beans automatically in the Activiti App and Activiti Rest modules.

We are looking forward to receive your feedback and feel free to join the project in order to contribute back.
Hope this helps!

Activiti SDK project started as a kindly sponsorship by Confcommercio Venezia CAF team.

If you need Enterprise support, Zia Consulting provides consultancy services related to the Activiti SDK, APS SDK and any assessment, integration or migration you may need around Alfresco Content Services or Alfresco Process Services. Feel free to drop me a message if you want to start a conversation with us!