Activiti Support For CMMN

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Activiti Support For CMMN


I am wondering why all results about  Activiti  engine is coming as BPMN engine?Does Activiti  engine support CMMN ?

I found Some answers about above question:



Activiti support both Events and Task so i think its ok to implement CMMN in Activiti (please correct me if i am wrong)

Now my new Question is : Does Activiti Support CMMN library's  ?Camunda hascaseservice for example

Thanks and Regards,


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Re: Activiti Support For CMMN

Can Some body respond to this please?

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Re: Activiti Support For CMMN

Hi Rojan,

Activiti engine has no support for CMMN specification. However as you have read, you can implement case management use cases using the task/sub-task, dynamic sub-process & event features of activiti engine.

Having said that, the Activiti team as part of the Activiti 7 work is planning to introduce Case Management Constructs into Activiti (see Milestone #7 in the above link). Should you wish you work together with the team on that effort, please reach out to the team here on Activiti/Activiti7 - Gitter 



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Re: Activiti Support For CMMN

Thank you Ciju