Activiti Timer event behavior is not same always

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Activiti Timer event behavior is not same always

We are facing issues with respect to the timer based events in Activiti. The timers are not triggered consistently.

The detailed explanation is below:

There is a intermediate catch event which has to trigger a script task after 90 minutes. Sometimes the script task is triggered on time that is exactly after 90 minutes but sometimes the script task is called after 2 hours or 3 hours.

<intermediateCatchEvent id="timerintermediatecatchevent2" name="TimerCatchEvent">

Our expected behavior is always it has to trigger exactly after 90 minutes. We are using Activiti v6 in Spring boot application. This is hosted in an EC2 instance in AWS.


  1. Why are the timer events not triggered consistently?
  2. How Activiti handles the timer/scheduler queues internally?
  3. How to avoid this inconsistency?