ActivitiWorkflowEngine does not include receiveTask

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ActivitiWorkflowEngine does not include receiveTask


we have encounter some issue. We would like to use Activiti receiveTask for some system handling (waiting for another action to happen or to be processed by cron).

But in our workflow history we are not able to get these type of tasks by workflow definition. I am able to query for these tasks, but Activiti API does not seem to query it by itself.

If we use: share/proxy/alfresco/api/workflow-instances/activiti$1073?includeTasks=true ; receiveTask is not there.

Is there any way to get these tasks?

Reason: user should see that workflow is still active and that the task is actually in system state waiting for something.


Edit: we use class: org/alfresco/repo/workflow/activiti/ and it's method:

public List<WorkflowTaskDefinition> getTaskDefinitions(String workflowDefinitionId)

But these one apparently returns only user tasks. And I really don't wanna override this method.