Adding custom form outcome buttons

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Adding custom form outcome buttons

I've spent some time searching for a good answer, but I cannot seem to find any instructions, maybe I am searching with the wrong queries, idk. If this question has been asked before, I'd gladly be pointed in the right direction.


1. I have custom task forms.
2. I want action/outcome buttons with custom text.

These have no outcome buttons (such as Approve / Reject) unless I add a suitable parent tag. But even then, I can only get the standard ones.

What is the easiest way to make custom outcome buttons(or whatever they're called) show up without rewiring/overriding already present mechanics too much? 

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Re: Adding custom form outcome buttons

This post might help you getting started. you'll have to add some configuration to override your buttons layout in the task form where you declare it in share-config-custom.xml