Alfresco process service :merge activiti process diagram

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Alfresco process service :merge activiti process diagram

I want to ask, is it possible to merge activiti bpmn.xml process diagram?

For Example- We have two team working on same bpmn xml diagram on different environments and each team doing changes according to there needs so finally we want to merge diagram.

Is alfresco providing such out-of-box features? or Is there any way to do it?

Before that, only one team was doing changes in bpmn diagram and now we are facing these issue. Please guide me on these issue.

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Re: Alfresco process service :merge activiti process diagram

Not sure about anything specific in Activiti, but on projects I've worked on in the past involving XML files, for process definitions or whatever, the XML files were held in the source code control system. That way multiple users can access and make changes, and you have the option of reviewing and merging conflicting changes when you submit. Of course some changes will require manual input to resolve where changes clash, however you do it, so the more frequently changes are committed the easier the subsequent merge is.