Alfresco Process Services 1.6.3 Available Now

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Alfresco Process Services 1.6.3 Available Now

Alfresco Employee
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On behalf of the team, I am pleased to announce that Alfresco Process Services 1.6.3 has been released and is available now. This release contains a few important bug fixes as well as a couple of improvements. Here are the notable highlights:

  • Kerberos SSO support

Organizations using Kerberos AD infrastructure can now quickly set up windows-based SSO to allow secure and seamless access to the Alfresco Process Services application without explicit login. Kerberos configuration settings need to be defined in Please check the dedicated documentation page.

  • Whitelisting

As from version 1.6.3, it is no longer required to whitelist specific beans and classes in order to use the Alfresco, Box and Google Drive out-of-the-box publish tasks. They now work by default. Please check the dedicated documentation page.

  • Supported platform

Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.3 now supported.

  • Getting started with Alfresco Process Services

Unfamiliar with Digital Process Automation and Business Process Management (BPM)? Try out our getting started tutorial and build your first app in 3 steps.

Getting started with Alfresco Process Services

For complete list of improvements, please check the what’s new page in Alfresco Process Services documentation.