Alfresco process services with push to Alfresco task

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Alfresco process services with push to Alfresco task



We have a custom workflow in APS. Our process generates a report (word) document that user can edit throughout the workflow process. As user wants versioning on this report document and Activiti doesn't provide the versioning capabilities, I am planning to push the document to the Alfresco using the push to Alfresco task. 

Our problem is, sometimes users just edit the report by opening in the MS word and close it without completing the task. As the task is not completed yet the next task (push to Alfresco) will not be executed and won't create a new version in Alfresco. 

How can I implement the functionality that will trigger the push to Alfresco task whenever the user save the MS word document? Also how can I log the event when user saves the MS word document?


APS: 1.11.1

Alfresco: 5.2

Thank you for your time.