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angular 4 form

Morning. I don't see this information anywhere in google, but if I want to use Angular 4 form UI template with my Activiti 6 workflow, how do I make those connections? I have my workflow and I know Angular, but I don't see where I can make the connection for them to work. Please advise and thank you. 

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Alfresco Employee

Re: angular 4 form

I guess you mean angular forms and not Activiti forms (Activiti User Guide ). 

Presumably you don't need to send all of the form data to Activiti? If you don't then you could treat them as separate concerns and call Activiti REST endpoints when you need to to post data to Activiti. If you're using a spring boot app with activiti-rest then you could refer to How to implement Activiti REST API with Spring Boot Example - JavaSampleApproach or if you're using the v6 kickstart app then  might be more useful. There is also general information about Activiti REST at Activiti User Guide .

The enterprise product Alfresco Process Services has modern angular UI components built for it (GitHub - Alfresco/alfresco-ng2-components: Alfresco Angular Components ) including handling of Activiti forms. But it is tailored to the enterprise API and I presume it's the community version you're interested in.