APS 1.7 task form extension parameters

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APS 1.7 task form extension parameters

Hello All

Is there any documentation about the API of the parameters passed to the extension functions described here: Start and task form customization | Alfresco Documentation  like formRendered(), etc?

I can stop execution end examine for example the scope object, and see lots of properties and methods but so far the only way I have found is trial and error, which is very time consuming.

For example: Using the scope object, can I get / set the value of a process variable? If so, how?


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Re: APS 1.7 task form extension parameters


You are right, there is not much documentation on the parameters passed into OOTB UI javascript extension points. As you mentioned, stopping the execution or doing something like console.log(scope) in the only way. Wondering if you looked at the Alfresco Application Development Framework (ADF) which is the recommended approach if you really want to do additional client side logic and customization? Here are some helpful links on ADF:

With the next release (1.8) of APS due next week, there will be a production grade ADF based UI made available as part of APS s/w. Most of the runtime features which are now available in OOTB UI, will be available in this app too. As a customer you can get full access to the source of this app to customize and make it your own! The ADF equivalent of those javascript extension points can be found in https://alfresco.github.io/adf-component-catalog/injectables/FormService.html#readme 

Hope this helps!