APS & Alfresco Repositories Authentication

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APS & Alfresco Repositories Authentication


To be able to publish a document from APS to ACS Repository we need to

Configure our on-premise Alfresco repository (Name, Repository base url, Share base url,...)
For each user (required user), from his profile, configure the authentication to the added repository (https://docs.alfresco.com/process-services1.9/topics/publish_to_alfresco.html)

In our case we configured LDAP authentication for both ACS and APS. The client will use only ADF application. So he'll not have access to APS to configure his authentication to ACS from his profile.

Is there a way to bypass this config (parameter or custom code) an tell to APS to use the same credentials (LDAP creadentials) to connect to ACS?

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