APS 1.9 - Containers for development

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APS 1.9 - Containers for development

Alfresco have provided a group of container images and also sample docker-compose yaml files to generate an activiti environment.  The standard build process when creating and releasing custom logic, such as custom beans or classes for service tasks is to use a mvn project to create a jar, the jar then gets released to the lib directory of the activiti-app.

What is the build approach if docker is being used.  How do you inject the custom jar file into the build process for the activiti container.  All the examples I can find of using docker in a build process to create a cotainer assumes that there is just a single file being copied into either the webapp folder as a war or its a spring bootsrap app with a single jar.  in this instance the docker image for activiti has many jars in the web-inf/lib directory and if I do a copy to this directory or map a volume in using docker-compose, it overwrites all the standard jars in the app and I only get my custom jar, so the webapp does not start.

It seems like a standard thing to do but I cannot figure out the correct approach as I am new to containers.  Any pointers greatly appreciated.