APS 2.X - Adding Custom Endpoints to Swagger API

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APS 2.X - Adding Custom Endpoints to Swagger API


We are trying to make Alfresco's swagger-ui (api-explore.html) also able to scan our custom-created API. We could enable for example OpenApi to scan our APIs importing the springdoc-openapi-ui dependency and creating new definitions with GroupedOpenApi configuration like this:

    public GroupedOpenApi customOpenApi() {
        String packagesToscan[] = {"com.activiti.extension.api.runtime"};
        return GroupedOpenApi.builder().group("custom").packagesToScan(packagesToscan)

But the native APS swagger page (api-explorer) stops working, is there any way for them to coexist? That is, is it possible to define that via api-explorer, it can display the documentation of the new APIs created?