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APS Designer Forms Javascript & ADF

I have a client that has been using the out of the box APS user interface where I have added a fair amount of Javascript (client side) within the Forms via the APS App Designer in order to meet some of their business needs.  We are now preparing to move to ADF to handle more enhancement requests.  We would like to leave the forms as untouched as possible during this, preferring to spend more time on customizing other ADF components like the Task List, adding ACS searches, etc.  

My question:  Will the Javascript that is embedded into the forms from the App Designer still work within ADF?  I tried a quick test using ACS 1.7.0 and ADF 1.8 but it does not appear that the Javascript is executing.  When I turn on debug mode, I can see the javascriptEvents (formRendered, formFieldBlur) but nothing is executing.  Am I missing a step?  Are there version combinations that allow this?

Many thanks.  Very new to ADF so any assistance would be appreciated.

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Re: APS Designer Forms Javascript & ADF

Closing the question here and asking in the ADF forum.