APS REST Call Task & JSON Template

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APS REST Call Task & JSON Template

I haven't posted on here for a while, but I feel like I might get an answer quickest here.

I am using the request mapping JSON template feature within a "REST Call" activity in APS.  With this feature, you can write a JSON payload and use interpolation to "inject" variable values.  There seems to be the bare minimum of documentation on this feature, so it is a guess as to what features are available.

That minimal documentation makes it clear that you can use '${variable_name}' to inject variable values into the JSON request.  However, this appears to only work with non-transient process variables.  It does not seem to work with transient variables.  And local varaibles are not possible as they have no chance at existing.  The REST activity, at least in the UI, doesn't support execution listeners.

It also appears that JUEL or other expressions can't be used in the template either.  Strictly process variables only.  And probably only a subset of those.

Anyone know if this is true?  How can I get transient variables to work there?