Assign Task Create Document and Approve (example)

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Assign Task Create Document and Approve (example)

Hi to all, 

I want to create a (I believe) simple activi workflow.

Those are the steps:

1 - the first user start process and assign a "create a document" task to another single user choosen from the full user list.

2 - the second user has to:

   2a - take charge of the task

   2b - load a document of a certein type and specialize is metadata

   2c - tell that the document has to be revised

3 - the process go back to the starter that can accept or refuse the document

   3a -  if he accept the document is saved in a alfresco dir with all the metadata

   3b - if he refuses the process go back to "2" and the creator can modify the document and metadata

Do you have any examples of a similar process? Any hints?

Thank you

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Re: Assign Task Create Document and Approve (example)

Refer this tutorial to create custom workflow Creating Custom Advanced Workflows in Alfresco | ECMArchitect | Alfresco Developer Tutorials .
You can refer the OOTB workflows for your requirement.
Create 3 step workflow
   1- Start workflow and assign task .
   2- Next task assignee will upload the document and will submit task to initiator.
   3-  Execute your script code in task listeners i.e complete which will going to trigger your code based on events
Execute your code of document move logic.