Automatic backup and form display problem.

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Automatic backup and form display problem.

First of all, I have two problems:

1- I first started working with Activiti installed on Windows 7 for the creation of Workflows. I noticed that every time I restarted my laptop all my work was gone. So had not been saved. I thought maybe it's a problem with the operating system. I finally installed Activiti on Ubuntu 16.04 and the report is the same. I repeated more than once the facilities including tomcat and java believing that the concern could come from this side. (Basically I can not automatically save my work on Activiti)


2- When I start a Workflows in Activiti, like the example below:

That I named "leave request".

on step 1, the employee completes a form, and sends it to his or her supervisor from step 2.

The supervisor must receive the completed form before analyzing and giving his opinion.


My problem is on step 2. How to do or what is the trick to display the employee form 1 for the analyzer (supervisor)?

I hope I explained myself well !!


Thank you for your understanding and have a good start to the week.

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Re: Automatic backup and form display problem.

By default Activiti uses in memory database. You should update the properties to use a real database if you want your data to be persistent between restarts.

Alfresco Employee

Re: Automatic backup and form display problem.

Properties are located in META-INF/activiti-app/

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Re: Automatic backup and form display problem.

Hello community,
Thank you for those who have had the time to look for the solution to my concern !!
I think I already have something to say about my second concern after much research.
Just use one of the tools that allows the display when designing your workflow, on the spot that will display the display you want, as shown in the image below:

after following the instructions. which are not very complicated

Thank you and good luck