Camel or Activiti ?

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Camel or Activiti ?

We are designing a case management system where our workflows are very generic (May 3 linear hops). We are thinking whether we can internally build the workflow management using the apache camel or should we have to leverage the advantages already built with activiti. Can somebody help us understand what would be the additional effort needed in building the workflow using camel without thinking of activiti ? In other works, what the advantages of using activiti engine when our workflows are simple and not many ?



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Re: Camel or Activiti ?

Hi Aneesh,

They are completely two different things! 

Apache Camel is a lightweight integration framework which implements EIPs (Enterprise Integration Patterns). I assume you know where to get more info about Camel. You use Camel to integrate your back-end enterprise applications. The outcome of Camel is an ESB solution to orchestrate flows between your applications. Don't be confused about the flowcharts in Camel. They are for designing messaging routing, transformation, etc, not BPMN flowcharts.

On the other hand, Activiti is all about Business Process Management. I assume you can differentiate Business Process Management versus Enterprise Integration Patterns. With Activiti, you can design and implement processes that improve your organization's business processes effectiveness and efficiency. Again, it's about managing your processes. 

You said

We are designing a case management system where our workflows are very generic (May 3 linear hops)

Can you elaborate more on your use case? What is your case management system? What does it do? What are the workflows? 


Thong Huynh