Can we test SerializableType customization?

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Can we test SerializableType customization?

Hi all,

I have created a custom VariableType called Object type which extends SerializableType. This type marshals a java bean to xml and then uses a wrapper to serialize the XML and store it in the activiti tables.

This all works fine. I have written a unit test for this but I cannot create a VariableInstanceEntity as SerializableType relies on a DB session.

Is there any way to test the SerializableType or mock the db session.


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Re: Can we test SerializableType customization?

Perhaps I am missing something, but can you not create a Unit test that extends PluggableActivitiTestCase?

This will configure up a process engine with an in memory database.

You can then test your serialization/deserialization by simply using setVariable() and getVariable().

Check out the for an example of this approach.



Member II

Re: Can we test SerializableType customization?

It seems like a huge overhead to setup an in memory DB just to test that the object serializes and de-serializes as expected - I have overwritten the serialize and deserialize methods for my custom object type and I am testing that this works rather than testing the getValue and setValue methods