Cannot create enum from region value!

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Cannot create enum from region value!


I have process and in form I have form field called testing for file upload. I'm trying to upload file to aws s3 storage by referring the documentation Content Storage | Alfresco Documentation . In my file i have added the following lines

# For development purposes, data folder is created inside the sources ./data folder
contentstorage.s3.accessKey=added my access key
contentstorage.s3.secretKey=added my secret key

But after configuring I'm getting the following error 

"Cannot create enum from region value!"

Kindly anyone help me to resolve the issue.

Here I have attached my example app.

Thanks & Regards

Amruta W

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Re: Cannot create enum from region value!

I'm using alfresco 1.7 version and for my region, aws versions required are 1.11.x above and the http client needs to be updated from 4.3.5 to 4.4.5. I replaced these in my lib folder of activiti then it worked.