Configuring email base url to point to ADF.

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Configuring email base url to point to ADF.

Whenever I receive an email regarding a task has been created for me when I click on open task, it takes me to APS. But I want to change this and I want it to take me to ADF app. I can specify the email base url in my properties file to point to my adf, but i need to change what comes after the base url. So for example if my base url is http://localhost:8080/activiti-app, when I click on open task in the email, it takes me to http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/workflow/#/task/someid and I need to change "workflow/#/task/someid". Is there any specific way to achieve this?

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Re: Configuring email base url to point to ADF.

you just need to change the email base url, then you can refer the same in your email template usign el ${homeUrl}. for your case use freemarker template to inject the required id e.g. if using the email template on a task the following would result same as you intend:

- APS: ${homeUrl}/activiti-app/workflow/#/tasks?taskId=${taskId}

-ADF: ${homeUrl}/taskDetails/${appId}/${taskID}

hope it helps.