Content Permissions in APS

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Content Permissions in APS

Hi there,

Does anyone out there know anything about APS content permissions. I have a custom UI built in Angular that uses the REST API to communicate with APS.

I want to upload some content into APS so that it can be later used on a workflow. I am using the REST call http://<server>/activiti-app/api/enterprise/content/raw to post the content to APS. This seems to work - I get a succes message and the ID of the uploaded content (in this case the ID is 51). However when I try to retrieve the content using http://<server>/activiti-app/api/enterprise/content/51 or http://<server>/activiti-app/api/enterprise/content/51/rendition/preview I get an error message:

"message": "You are not allowed to read the content with id: 51",
I can't find any documentation about how Activiti handles permissions on content. Surely I should be able to read content I have uploaded ?
Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?