Custom email template validation

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Custom email template validation


I have craeted process with dropdown around 50 fields with mandatory and  I have created custom email template.

In the custom email template i'm accessing form fields, if i have given any field id wrong(like spelling mistake) it throws exeption in activiti tomcat and i need to verifiy each fields, is there any way to validate my template with form.


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Amruta Wandakar

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Re: Custom email template validation

I do not know of a way to validate with a form, but you can try using the Publish to Alfresco step and create a document with the same fields. However, it just does not create the document if a field is wrong. Honestly, I have had this issue and have just started with the first few fields, run the process (or just the email step) and got those few right, then added a few more and then repeated the process until all fields are correct. Not the best option, but it does work.