Custom subject mail for workflow

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Custom subject mail for workflow

HI, i want to change subject for mail of notification new workflow ,

i have seen that for modify this field i can modify  but i don't want a static modific

i want assign to it  the title of workflow,


i have find in the file WorkflowNotificationUtils.class   the solution of the problem,

but i don't understand how change the field  (subject)     subject = "new-pooled-task"

with "workflowTitle"


i have brutally manually changed it (with a program for do this)

but the result is that in the object of mail appears  the written : workflowTitle

instead of   the name of the workflow .



what i must change in this file for obtain  the name of workflow  using  data/script/declaration  just present on that file ?


(i dont' won't use Maven or other complicated system..)



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Re: Custom subject mail for workflow

Have you tried changing the email template from Default to one that you create that has the subject line you want?