DevCon ’18: Are you using #Activiti (5.x, 6.x, 7.x)?

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DevCon ’18: Are you using #Activiti (5.x, 6.x, 7.x)?

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Are you using any version of the #Activiti project? We would like to invite you to submit a paper to the Alfresco DevCon happen in Lisbon, Portugal - 16, 17, 18 January 2018 ( ). If you are using the project or planning to, this is a great opportunity to share your project with a big community of users and a great opportunity to meet the team working on Activiti 7 & Activiti Cloud.

We will be sending some proposals about the new stuff that we are building so you can expect to see us talking about Activiti Cloud and how we are updating the engine to be Cloud Native. We will be showing examples about our brand new services designed for Kubernetes and Docker and how you can leverage the new infrastructure to build scalable solutions that doesn't mismatch with your existing infrastructure. We welcome ideas about topics that you consider worth the trip. 

Why is this a very good opportunity to share and learn about the future of Activiti? 

There are several reason why I want to meet with the large Activiti community and invite people using the project to submit an abstract for the DevCon to share with all the audience how they are using the project and what are they looking forward.

The following list depicts what, from my experience, we can all gain for meeting up in a conference like DevCon:

  • We can share our experiences with other people that is already using Activiti
  • We can find out what are the common and shared pain points that will need to be solved by future versions
  • We can learn from each other how to solve and troubleshoot problems related with implementing BPM solutions in different industries
  • We can define the future roadmap together, and you as an individual or a company can join our open source community and have a say on the future of the project
  • We can use our time together to discuss different implementation techniques and approaches
  • We can have a deep discussion about the Activiti Cloud architectural changes, why modern environments are promoting new architectural patterns and how that affects the BPM implementation and Process Engines. 

 I offer my personal time to meet with community members and organizations that are interested in the project, I also want to offer my assistance to help you to submit a paper for the conference where we can present together your use case and your expectations for the future. 

We don't have much time left, so if you are interested in this opportunity get in touch as soon as possible. You can find me every day in our Gitter Channel:

Or you can post a comment here, I will try to reply as soon as I can. 

See you all in Lisbon! 

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