disable spring security of Activiti 6

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Member II

disable spring security of Activiti 6

I have download activiti6 and run the activiti-app demo ,and it logon with admin/test by default.Now I want to visit the URL:http://localhost:8080/activiti-app/editor/#/processes   directly without logon page and click login . How I can do ti?

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Alfresco Employee

Re: disable spring security of Activiti 6

It's a spring app rather than a spring boot app so I don't think there's any in-built spring property-file swtich to do it. (You can see the project's dependencies here - Activiti/pom.xml at 6.0-release · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub ). To turn off security for certain parts I think it would be necessary to check out the source code and change the SecurityConfiguration class (Activiti/SecurityConfiguration.java at 6.0-release · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub ) and then build from that source code and run that version. But possibly even this might not be enough for what you want as certain actions need a logged in user and the UI might accordingly have been designed that way. Certainly with starting process instances it can be important who started them. For the editor I am not sure. If it's important enough to you then you might be best to give it a try.

Member II

Re: disable spring security of Activiti 6


Is there any other way found to disable activiti 6.0 authentication ?


pls reply to this at the earliest.