Doing soft delete of the uploaded files in activiti

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Member II

Doing soft delete of the uploaded files in activiti

Hi All,


we can able to upload the file in the alfresco activiti. and we can also delete the uploaded files.

once we delete the file  will be removed from the UI as well as the entry in the related_content and content_rendition tables  are also get removed. the file also removed from the server.

in our project   there is a requirement if we want to delete the uploaded files, the file should not be removed  and wants to still show in UI as inactive(meaning the file icon need to be displayed, however th file  could not be downloaded and content should not be shown).once we click active button then the file  will be showed as active and user can view the content of the files and able to get download the files.


will that be possible in alfresco activiti.


please suggest your thoughts.