Dynamic generation of process name

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Dynamic generation of process name

Hi Team,

I have created a process definition say name "myProcess" and deployed the same. Now for every process-instance i start i want to assign a dynamically created process name so that it can be uniquely identified across all users.

After going to existing forum posts i came across an existing feature "Business Key" which can be dynamically set to an existing process definition's process-instance which is created every time.

Can you please suggest whether this approach is correct? Or is there any other approach to achieve the same?

Looking forward for your support. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Dynamic generation of process name


In reference to a previous instance of someone having a similar desire: Expression to display businessKey in userTask.

As stated, the existing OSS application 'Activiti-Explorer' isn't meant to function as an actual implementation of Activiti. Thus, the feature of using the Business Key is not exposed through it - but it can be used like you desire, you'll just have to set that up yourself using the Activiti code-base in your application.

Remember, this is an Open Source application, you can edit and change whatever you'd like for your own implementation. There are many ways to do everything, and each will have benefits and drawbacks. Please consider the options and find the fit for your organization Smiley Happy