Enable read-only form without coding

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Enable read-only form without coding


i'm using Alfresco Process Services Trial Version 1.11.
I have a filled out form in my workflow which is send to another person for review purposes.
The Person should not be able to edit the form, only be able to read the form content.
Is that possible without coding, only using the UI?

Thank you.

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Re: Enable read-only form without coding

You'll have to create another form (for review) with all form fields as displayValue instead of actual form fields.

Hope it helps.

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Re: Enable read-only form without coding

Hello Abbas,

thank you for your quick answer. I checked that out and it is exactly what i am looking for
but the display value field is not working for me. I have all my forms saved global.
I can also get the values from fields with ${fieldid} in the display text field, but when i
want to use the display value field, it shows me no fields.
Do you have an idea why it is empty for me?