Excel/grid collaborative filling

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Excel/grid collaborative filling

I'm trying to model an internal process of updating information of estimations presented on a grid/excel (imported to the system with special edit permissions to specific users through assignment) and forwarding for approval to supervisors (also keeping a record of changes to evaluate estimations at the end of each estimation round). Final approved values need to be exported to generate reports. This kind of functionality looks like something common in a Sharepoint enviroment (collaborating on an excel document for example) but I was wondering if something like that is possible as an open standards workflow defining which person has access to specific part of the excel/grid/data, to ask for approval by his/her supervisor, etc.)  Do you think Alfresco can help in such a task?  Thanks in advance

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Re: Excel/grid collaborative filling

Hi Petros,

Your scenario sounds perfectly do-able. However, I'm a bit uncertain as to which platform are you referring to? Alfresco ECM or Alfresco BPM (Activiti)? Either one of them should allow you to implement your process. 

Alfresco One

If you are running on Alfresco One and would like to implement this process on it, have a look at the documentation to see how to create an embedded workflow associated with a document Creating and managing workflows | Alfresco Documentation 

Alfresco Activiti BPM

In the other hand, if you are using the BPM system which is the Alfresco Activiti BPM - Business Process Management | Alfresco, then you have all the flexibility of Java power to implement this kind of process. Your process should look like this

Also, have a look at Activiti user guide to understand how to set up task assignment for users  Activiti User Guide 

Let me know if you still feel uncertain as of how to achieve your process implementation goals.

Thank you,

Thong Huynh