Getting No TransformationService found error

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Getting No TransformationService found error



I am using a simple workflow  which is having a usertask and parallel gateway and the two generate document task.

the usertask is having the form which is having checkboxes A & B.


whenever i select the checkboex A &B  from usertask the  control goes to parallel gateway and need to go to the two different generate document task and need to generate two different document.

in the actual sceanrio,when i select the two  boxes, the flow go to the paraellel gateway and  go to  the first generate document task and  generate the document.

and parallely it always goes to the second generate document task and  its not generating the document instead its throwing an error in the server saying


[activiti-app-rest-Executor-1] ERROR com.activiti.service.runtime.ContentRenditionProcessor - No TransformationService found.


do you have any idea why this error is comig and help me on suggesting your thoughts on fixin this issue pleasse.




Arun K