Getting same results when i assigned tasks differently

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Getting same results when i assigned tasks differently


   I am using activiti in my spring web application. Here I assigned task to particular group not to candidate user. Now, i need to display candidate user tasks and groups tasks individually. But both are coming with same tasks.



I assigned only to group. why candidateUser also returns same tasks? Please let me know if anyone know about this.


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Re: Getting same results when i assigned tasks differently

This is indeed the intended behaviour - if the user is a member of a group then they are automatically a candidate for any tasks for which the group is a candidate and the taskCandidateUser query will reflect that. You can see how this is implemented by looking at Activiti/ at 6.x · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub  and Activiti/Task.xml at 6.x · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub - the method is automatically called in virtue of the mybatis config. You can find more explanation and a solution using a native SQL query in the thread getting a user's candidate tasks without the user's group tasks