How to add custom svg image as an icon for the stencil?

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How to add custom svg image as an icon for the stencil?

I have a requirement that a user should able to specify svg icon file as per his liking as stencil icon. As per requirement , I have also to store svg icon document as complete string in our Database. Currently I have implemented by considering one place holder $SVGIMG  in the stencil xml below.

<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" standalone=\"no\"?>\n<svg\n   xmlns=\"\"\n   xmlns:svg=\"\"\n   xmlnsSmiley Surprisedryx=\"\"\n   xmlns:xlink=\"\"\n\n   width=\"102\"\n   height=\"82\"\n   version=\"1.0\">\n  <defs></defs>\n  <oryx:magnets>\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"1\" oryx:cy=\"20\" oryx:anchors=\"left\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"1\" oryx:cy=\"40\" oryx:anchors=\"left\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"1\" oryx:cy=\"60\" oryx:anchors=\"left\" />\n  \t\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"25\" oryx:cy=\"79\" oryx:anchors=\"bottom\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"50\" oryx:cy=\"79\" oryx:anchors=\"bottom\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"75\" oryx:cy=\"79\" oryx:anchors=\"bottom\" />\n  \t\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"99\" oryx:cy=\"20\" oryx:anchors=\"right\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"99\" oryx:cy=\"40\" oryx:anchors=\"right\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"99\" oryx:cy=\"60\" oryx:anchors=\"right\" />\n  \t\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"25\" oryx:cy=\"1\" oryx:anchors=\"top\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"50\" oryx:cy=\"1\" oryx:anchors=\"top\" />\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"75\" oryx:cy=\"1\" oryx:anchors=\"top\" />\n  \t\n  \t<oryx:magnet oryx:cx=\"50\" oryx:cy=\"40\" oryx:default=\"yes\" />\n  </oryx:magnets>\n  <g pointer-events=\"fill\" oryx:minimumSize=\"50 40\">\n\t<rect id=\"text_frame\" oryx:anchors=\"bottom top right left\" x=\"1\" y=\"1\" width=\"94\" height=\"79\" rx=\"10\" ry=\"10\" stroke=\"none\" stroke-width=\"0\" fill=\"none\" />\n\t<rect id=\"bg_frame\" oryx:resize=\"vertical horizontal\" x=\"0\" y=\"0\" width=\"100\" height=\"80\" rx=\"10\" ry=\"10\" stroke=\"#bbbbbb\" stroke-width=\"1\" fill=\"#f9f9f9\" />\n\t\t<text \n\t\t\tfont-size=\"12\" \n\t\t\tid=\"text_name\" \n\t\t\tx=\"50\" \n\t\t\ty=\"40\" \n\t\t\toryx:align=\"middle center\"\n\t\t\toryx:fittoelem=\"text_frame\"\n\t\t\tstroke=\"#373e48\">\n\t\t</text>\n\t\n\t<g id=\"serviceTask\" transform=\"translate(3,3)\">\n\t<svg viewBox="1500 0  20000 20000">\n\t$SVGIMG</svg>\n\t</g>\n  \n\t<g id=\"parallel\">\n\t\t<path oryx:anchors=\"bottom\" fill=\"none\" stroke=\"#bbbbbb\" d=\"M46 70 v8 M50 70 v8 M54 70 v8\" stroke-width=\"2\" />\n\t</g>\n\t\n\t<g id=\"sequential\">\n\t\t<path oryx:anchors=\"bottom\" fill=\"none\" stroke=\"#bbbbbb\" stroke-width=\"2\" d=\"M46,76h10M46,72h10 M46,68h10\"/>\n\t</g>\n\t\n\t<g id=\"compensation\">\n\t\t<path oryx:anchors=\"bottom\" fill=\"none\" stroke=\"#bbbbbb\" d=\"M 62 74 L 66 70 L 66 78 L 62 74 L 62 70 L 58 74 L 62 78 L 62 74\" stroke-width=\"1\" />\n\t</g>\n  </g>\n</svg>

I replace the placeholder with  user provided svg icon file svgdocument  in the above xml and this view is being used for the stencil on the designer. To display the stencil in the pallet , svg icon file is used to  create one PNG file of size 16X16 and placed png file in activiti folder.

The issue which i am facing after my implementation is the stencil created on designer has dash line bigger than original stencil . The dockers also are placed far apart from the stencil. ?

I am attaching the snapshot of the problem. 

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Re: How to add custom svg image as an icon for the stencil?

Are you using he custom stencilset feature of Enterprise Edition? If so, I would recommend you contact Alfresco support.

I have implemented a custom icon one time by overriding the SVG in the stencilset json but if I remember, it was a painful experience.


Member II

Re: How to add custom svg image as an icon for the stencil?

Hi Greg,

I am using open source package of alfresco and this our custom implementation and not Enterprise Designer. Your implementation and mine is almost similar other than the places we are doing the changes.

Anyways thanks for the reply.