How to get checkbox pre filled

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How to get checkbox pre filled


I am having the following code, which creates checkboxes with the names and id's mentored in code. I want a few of the checkboxes to be checked by default. How can do so?

My code 


<activiti:formProperty id="travelerJourneyStep" name="Traveler journey step" type="checkbox"  required="true">
          <activiti:value id="Inspiration" name="Inspiration"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="Shopping" name="Shopping"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="Booking" name="Booking"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="Pre-trip" name="Pre-trip"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="On-trip" name="On-trip"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="Stay" name="Stay"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="Post-trip" name="Post-trip"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="NA" name="NA"></activiti:value>
          <activiti:value id="Transverse" name="Transverse"></activiti:value>
        <activiti:formProperty id="submit" name="Submit" type="button" default="false" required="true"></activiti:formProperty>


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Re: How to get checkbox pre filled

you can init the property separately for each checkbox you want to display and provide a value in declaration.


<activiti:formProperty id="propertyId" name="Property Name" type="boolean" value="true" />

Hope it helps.