How to get credentials for samples?

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How to get credentials for samples?

It's required for parent pom, which connects to Alfresco Nexus repository. Can't build samples otherwise.

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Re: How to get credentials for samples?

Are you able to use Activiti/modules/activiti-spring-boot/spring-boot-samples at 6.x · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub  instead? Which project is it that you're finding this to be needed for?

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Re: How to get credentials for samples?

Thought I will elaborate a little bit on this one:

This repo is created as an example for Alfresco Enterprise customers to download the artifacts from Alfresco Nexus repository. If you are an Alfresco customer, please raise a case via your customer/partner portal to obtain the Nexus username/pw.

If you are not an Alfresco customer and just want to develop applications using the opensource libraries, as Ryan pointed out, please use the examples from

If you are wondering what the differences are between artifacts served from the open maven central vs private Alfresco Nexus repo - the artifacts from private repo contains some additional license check, patches/fixes made for customers, additional enterprise add-ons etc