How to get service task connector to execute more than one task a time?

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How to get service task connector to execute more than one task a time?

I'm trying the 7.1.0 M3 cloud connector example following the blog mentioned in the getting started docs and making the adjustments for this latest version. My setup works except that the service task implementation for a given process definition only executes one at a time. I'm trying to use the cloud connector to run some external long time processes that can take from several minutes to several hours. However if I start another process instance, my connector implementation stays there until the first task finishes and then it receives the next execution.

At first I thought it was simple configuration of the spring boot rabbitmq properties to allow for concurrency, but either I'm doing it wrong or it is not what I thought. I tried setting the following properties in the cloud connector


I do see messages in the connectors logs about each message queue having 2 subscribers instead of just one, so I think the settings are taking effect but the behavior is the same, it executes serially one at a time.

Any way to get parallel execution of the service task implementation?