how to hide parameters?

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how to hide parameters?

I'm having issues and questions with respect to the work process subtleties structure. From what I've seen up until now, adjustments should principally be possible by changing offer config-custom.xml, by adding a structure label looking something like this (attempted various varieties):

<form id="workflow-details">


<show id="cmpnySmiley TonguerocessId"/>

<hide id="cmpny:title"/>

<hide id="cmpny:description"/>

<hide id="packageItems"/>

<hide id="cmpny:reason"/>

<hide id="cmpny:review"/>

<hide id="cmpny:deadline"/>

<hide id="cmpny:customReviewOutcome"/>



<set id="" appearance="title" label="Overview"/>

<set id="main" appearance="title" label="Description"/>

<field id="cmpnySmiley TonguerocessId" set="main" label="Process-ID"/>



I have for the most part taken a stab at replicating the working structure from one of the assignments and adjusting it, giving it its own config-tag or added it to one existing one under the errand's structures tag, however nothing appears to work - by any means. Whatever I do, no progressions show up.

My primary assumption is to having at any rate something show up, however no noticeable changes can be distinguished. I discovered this post.