How to run activiti 6.0 sdk

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How to run activiti 6.0 sdk

Hello All,

I have downloaded activiti 6.0 sdk from this link. And imported this project to eclipse. But I am not able to get how to run this project. I also referred read me file but didn't found anything regarding this. It would be great if anyone would answer how to solve this problem. I tried tomcat7:run but it get build only.

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Re: How to run activiti 6.0 sdk

If you're looking at the source code then that corresponds to this 6.0-release branch in git - GitHub - Activiti/Activiti at 6.0-release  . 

If you're just looking to use the core engine then you are best to start with Quick Start Guide |  The core engine is this module - Activiti/modules/activiti-engine at 6.0-release · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub 

If you're looking for a UI then there's a start script in Activiti/modules/activiti-ui at 6.0-release · Activiti/Activiti · GitHub . There are also online trials available for the enterprise UI - Alfresco Process Services Online Trial | Alfresco