How to upload license in docker based APS?

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How to upload license in docker based APS?

Hi Team,

Every time i start docker based APS , system is in read only mode. 

Have to upload license file from UI every time. 

How to upload license in docker based APS setup. 

During start-up it also gives below error for license:

sdk-setup-aps_1           | 11:22:28 [main] INFO  com.alfresco.license.LicenseHolder  - Using custom license loader to load license
sdk-setup-aps_1           | 11:22:28 [main] INFO  com.alfresco.license.LicenseHolder  - Trying to load license from user home /home/alfresco/.activiti/enterprise-license/activiti.lic
sdk-setup-aps_1           | 11:22:28 [main] INFO  com.alfresco.license.LicenseHolder  - Last fallback, trying to load license from the classpath
sdk-setup-aps_1           | 11:22:28 [main] ERROR com.alfresco.license.LicenseHolder  - License file could not be validated:
sdk-setup-aps_1           | com.alfresco.license.LicenseNotFoundException: No license could be found
sdk-setup-aps_1           |     at com.alfresco.license.LicenseHolder.getLicense(
sdk-setup-aps_1           |     at com.alfresco.license.LicenseHolder.isLicenseValid(

I have uploaded license file in  /usr/local/tomcat/lib directory,but it's not picking it up from there.

As per error logs, it is trying to find from the /home/alfresco/.... directory, i have tried to create .activiti directory but it gives permission denied error.



Hardik Thakkar

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Re: How to upload license in docker based APS?

Build your own Docker image and put the license.lic in this path:


 To build your own Docker image you can use one of my following APS archetypes:


If you need to implement your own extensions.

Hope this helps Smiley Wink