How to use sub process concept

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How to use sub process concept


I have interview process design case as follows









In the P1 process Candidates will Fill Application Form the  HR  will receive application and review application, then submits to Technical Team Approval that is process P2. P2 process should start and technical team approves it then should return to HR with technical team approval task data as well as it should start manager approval task. But HR should not wait for manger approval, HR should be able to submit for final approval. This process P1 and P2 should work for N no.of candidates.

Kindly anyone help me to achieve my case.

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Amruta Wandakar

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Re: How to use sub process concept

My Guess is unless sub process is completed it will not return to main process.See if below approach works.

Process1: After HR Review task have a parallel gateway with Two tasks(Final Approval and Manager Approval)

Process2: In this subprocess you can just have Technical team approval task.

From HR Review task in P1 , call P2 and once P2 is completed(Technical Team Review).it returns back to HR Task in P1 and then it creates two parallel tasks for Final Approval and Manager Approval. 

In the join either you can merge both tasks if both are mandatory to complete the flow. Or just the Final Approval if that is enough to complete the process.