If SSO is enabled can't login normally

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If SSO is enabled can't login normally


I have enabled sso login with github. If i click on sso login it takes me to github and asks username and password after logging in it redirects to activiti-app(this works fine).

If i normally logs in means without clicking on sso(sso is enabled). It gives error message that invalid credentials.

My question is if sso is enabled we need to login through sso only? Can't we login normally?


Amruta Wandakar

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Re: If SSO is enabled can't login normally

Hi Amruta, right now when SSO is enabled, basic auth will get disabled and could prevent the normal login against the local database data. So the behaviour that you seeing now is how it works now. However I can see that there is an open issue with the engineering on this. If this is a blocker for your team, I suggest reaching out to the customer support via your customer/partner portal for further assistance.