Integrating Activiti Explorer with AngularJS Application

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Integrating Activiti Explorer with AngularJS Application

Iam using activiti 5.22.0 work flow to mange emergency incidents in my project. Iam using the APIs to initiate the process and to get the tasks assigned for a group or assignee, but to manage the task i have to develop the UI and also there is a use case to modify the workflow. Activiti Explorer will solve both the use cases if i point it to OPENLDAP but the customer is not ready to login to Explorer as there is already a dashboard built using angularJS which has login. Is there any way to integrate the Activiti-explorer to my existing dashboard which is written in javascript and the login is happening using WSO2 API pointing to OPENLDAP?

Can you please help, thanks in advance.

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Alfresco Employee

Re: Integrating Activiti Explorer with AngularJS Application

I suspect you'd need to customise the identity management features of the explorer app so that you authenticate against WSO2. It is as much a question of how to authenticate against that particular WSO2 setup as it as about how to customise the explorer. Perhaps you can find sample code or examples of other applications the customer has authenticating against WSO2 that you could use as a starting-point. Sorry I can't be more helpful but it's quite a general question. I'd expect a key touchpoint to be this class - activiti-explorer/ at master · descl/activiti-explorer · GitHub and for your case you'd probably want to be using some sort WSO2 or generic security client code to validate a token rather than check a user and password.