Is Activiti-6 production ready?

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Is Activiti-6 production ready?


Browsing the github repository, it seems activiti 5.23.0 is the latest release. What does that mean? Is it the only production ready. What about activiti6 is production ready and widely used. I want to upgrade from activiti 5.21.0 to a production ready release. Can you guide me to select the right one.

Another intersting question out of curiosity: How activiti6 and flowable code bases differ? Do they share the same code base or they have diverged greatl?

Thank you! 

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Re: Is Activiti-6 production ready?

Hi @dan_ 

Activiti 7 is the latest release but is for Cloud and v6 is not production ready.

Yes, Flowable is a fork of Activiti 5.21 & then Activiti 6 beta. The Wiki says Flowable engine was subsequently rewritten. So I'm not sure how far they have diverged.


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