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Buenas Tardes

Tengo un inconveniente con alfresco comunity version 5.2.0 cuando quiero visualizar el flujo de trabajo de un documento por la opcion share/page/context/shared/sharedfiles y voy su flujo de trabajo para abrirlo el abre esta ruta /share/page/workflow-details?workflowId=activiti$1033&nodeRef=workspace:\/\/SpacesStore\/42e056fa-fcca-419d-b5b9-2ab3cc6daa9f como quito esos backslash para que me abra bien el documento.

Me podrian ayudar como corrijo este inconveniente, muchas gracias

I have a problem with alfresco comunity version 5.2.0 when I want to visualize the workflow of a document by the option share / page / context / shared / sharedfiles and I go to its workflow to open it by opening this path / share / page / workflow -details? workflowId = activiti $ 1033 & nodeRef = workspace: \ / \ / SpacesStore \ / 42e056fa-fcca-419d-b5b9-2ab3cc6daa9f how do I remove those backslashes so that the document can open properly.

Could you help me how I correct this problem, thank you very much

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Re: jozapata

Hi @jozapata,

I think this is a known issue in 5.2.3 & 6.0 - this thread addesses the issue with a fix. Here is the JIRA ticket. It looks like it was fixed in releases 5.2.5, 6.0.1, 6.1.


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