Legacy Activiti 5 dependency in APS 2.x

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Legacy Activiti 5 dependency in APS 2.x

I noticed that in APS 2.2.0 there is a new dependency including Activiti 5 interfaces and implementation classes named activiti5-engine-2.2.0.jar. I see that some of this classes are used in the AlfrescoProcessInstanceService in the getProcessInstance method:


if (processDefinition instanceof ProcessDefinitionEntity){

            ProcessDefinitionEntity processDefinitionEntity= (ProcessDefinitionEntity) processDefinition;

            processInstanceResult = new ProcessInstanceRepresentation(processInstance, processDefinitionEntity,

                    processDefinitionEntity.isGraphicalNotationDefined(), userRep);


            org.activiti5.engine.impl.persistence.entity.ProcessDefinitionEntity processDefinitionEntityA5= (org.activiti5.engine.impl.persistence.entity.ProcessDefinitionEntity) processDefinition;

            processInstanceResult = new ProcessInstanceRepresentation(processInstance, processDefinitionEntityA5,

                    processDefinitionEntityA5.isGraphicalNotationDefined(), userRep);

I'm wondering how this legacy code is currently used in APS 2.x and if some of these components can be used for implementing extensions or if this code is only used for internal purpose. 

Maybe is there some serialization done in the database so that's why it's needed to use that specific old class?

It would be great to have some details about the overall components included in this legacy dependency in order to proceed in the right way when working on upgrades for customers.