Long service tasks not starting

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Long service tasks not starting


When trying to start 45 process instances which contain an asynchronous service task with of class ShellActvityBehavior (with the class field wait=false), some of them don't start, even though they show up in the diagram, as seen in the image:

As you can see, the execution's current activity is a receive tasks that waits for the long running service task to end. When it ends, it sends a message that the boundary event catches and the execution flows to the "Quick operation".

In reality, the long running task didn't start. I know this because the task writes start and end messages to a log, with its process instance ID. That log has no indication of that specific task (of process instance 1197546).

Some general information:

I'm using activiti 5.18.

The process instances are being started via the java API.

This is how I build the process engine (Could altering the configuration solve this?):

private static void buildProcessEngine() {
    ProcessEngineConfiguration cfg = new StandaloneProcessEngineConfiguration()
    processEngine = cfg.buildProcessEngine();

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Re: Long service tasks not starting

Sorry, I don't think I understood the issue that you facing...

could you please provide a unit test to reproduce the issue? Or at least attach the xml instead of an image using which we can reproduce the issue?