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manual task completed task information


I created paraller user task and when process started multiple tasks are creating due to parallel configuration.

I configured BPM process like if complete one task from rest API, should complete remaining tasks also automatically.

I need information from which user task completed through Rest API.

I tried with below Rest API

  "processInstanceId" : "58128",
  "finished" : true,
  "activityType": "userTask",
  "size" : "100"
but i am getting all completed tasks which are completed from both automatically and through Rest API.
Please let me is there any way to get only completed task information which are completed manually or Rest API or is there any way to separate automatic completed user task and completed user task through Rest API.
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Re: manual task completed task information

Engine APIs are called through Rest APIs only. so there's no way you can identify "how" task was completed. alternatively, you can send an additional variable or have speacial users for distinction.