multi instance workflow - bring back only one instance

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multi instance workflow - bring back only one instance

Hi Team,

We have the following scenario:

A reporting entity-business unit can have multiple BU segments. Once, all BU segments are approved, it becomes one workflow instance for reporting entity-business unit combination. This instance is approved or rejected by reviewer.

1. when rejected by reviewer, it brings back all BU segments. Is it possible to bring back only one BU segment instead of all?

2. We tried a scenario, where we moved the reviewer reject to the BU segment level. So now the reject is at individual BU segment level. However, because the BU segments were approved earlier, we still see the Reviewer approve task around. Is there a way to get rid of the Reviewer approve task when one BU segment is rejected?

Attached is the bpmn we have today. Any suggestions? Is this even possible in multi instance where 3 workflows become one on approve, but on reject of one workflow, it brings back not 3 but maybe 1 or 2.

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Re: multi instance workflow - bring back only one instance

Hi @gjaya26,

"Attached is the bpmn we have today" - unfortunately I can't see this attached. Could you please add it again?


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